for DIY composting toilets

Composting toilet is waterless toilet solution for the place where traditional septic systems can’t be used or don’t want to be used. It is sustainable environmental friendly system, which has same comfort as normal water toilets but without making impact on environment with septic waste. Separating liquid, human pathogens from solid waste are disbursed within six to twelve months. Without separating, solid waste is robbed in nitrogen rich urine that generates bacterial growth and odor in traditional septic systems. This is the Green product for Eco enthusiasts who are ready to make changes and for the people who don’t have possibility for making septic systems in their vacation homes or full time residences. We encourage you to comfortable change your main habits in order to save the environment.

Marcel is a handmade porcelain urine separator that is as hygienic as normal porcelain toilet bowls. This product is as durable as any ceramic bowl. It is easy to install and it’s perfect for any eco-conscious home, straw bale homes, earthships, cottages, float homes, boats, permaculture households, rural or urban spaces which envision composting toilet systems. The Marcel urine separator is available in white color. We also offer consulting services for constructing your composting toilet system.


Changing the toilet system only means changing the perspective without interfering with comfort that you are used to with traditional toilets. These toilets don’t smell bad, they are hygiene and safe to use. When urine and solid waste are mixed together they ferment and produce bad odor. Diverting urine that never occurs. There are several construction solutions for these toilet systems. All of them have storage place for solid waste and ventilation system for odors. Difference is only between sizes of storage place you need. These UDDT (Urine Diverter Dry Toilets) are used worldwide for 30 years. Astronauts also use this type of toilet in spaceships, because of reduced usage of water.

About environment

One thing that you do for the environment when you use Marcel is the REDUCTION of flushing fresh water. Remember that every time you flush you use 6 liters (1.6 gallons) of fresh drinking water. (Older toilets can even use 11 liters; with dual flush systems, 3 to 6 liters.) Secondly, you can reduce environmental pollution by returning your feces to nature. Traditional septic systems mix many liters of water to your feces, reducing the possibility of the waste to decompose naturally. Moreover, bacteria can contaminate local ground water, springs and wells. In most urban dwellings, human waste empties into rivers or the sea.

A flush toilet with a biodegradable sewage system is another eco friendly solution, but is very expensive. With Marcel urine separator, you won’t need water to flush and there is no need for any type of sewage treatment that you can’t handle by yourself.

So now, what to do with your separated waste?

Both urine and solid waste can be used in non-edible gardens or flowerpots. Urine is safe and easy to handle; you can connect it to your greywater system, reed bed or watering tank as natural fertilizer for your flowers or trees. Solid waste is safe to handle after 6 to 12 months. After the pathogens are reduced, you can store it outdoors safely, bury it, or compost it again in order to decompose fully. As final product, you can get safe fertilizer for non-edible gardens or orchards.